Know The Love Languages

Know your partner's love languages and make small (and grand!) gestures accordingly. This is a framework developed by Gary Chapman and is super useful in understanding how we each receive love differently. 

The 5 love languages are: 
  • physical touch
  • quality time
  • gifts
  • acts of service
  • words of affirmation

It is no use buying gifts for someone who would rather receive a handwritten note of affection. Knowing your partner’s love languages will serve you for the rest of your relationship.

Here is a survey you can do to determine your primary love language! Complete the printable assessment and discuss your results with your partner. 

What are your love language preferences? Share in the comments so we can see how much they range in specificity and combinations!

How do you most like to BE loved?

What love languages are easiest for you to GIVE? The most challenging?


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