Name Your Desires: Fill In The Blank Exercise

Do you have any desires you can identify right away? 

Sometimes all you need to name a desire out loud is a mental nudge. Try completing the following questions and see what comes up!

If you come up blank, don't worry - allow your mind to wander towards sparks of joy and curiosity, with less judgment, and over time your desires will reveal themselves!

  • I've always wanted someone to ______________ me in bed. 
  • What would be really hot is if my lover _________________ me.
  • One thing I always think about but have never asked for is __________. 
  • One hot lover I had in the past used to _____________________.
  • If I could have one erotic superpower for the night it would be ___________. I want you to ______ me.
  • For Halloween I want to be a Sexy __________________.
  • My lover would be a ______________ in a past life. 

Want to be seen and cheered on for naming your desires out loud? Share your responses in the comments! 


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