If you want to show up for more pleasure, love and connection in life, one of the skills to work on is recalibrating towards pleasure. This means noticing both what you desire AND noticing what you are enduring silently.

Do Not Endure. Enduring is all about suffering patiently, and often silently. You do not ever need to endure discomfort or pain to get to pleasure. We do not need to endure sexual attention to be polite. You do not need to endure minor discomforts out of fear of “breaking the mood” And yet so many of us endure discomforts, pain and abuses – because we haven’t had permission or the skills to recalibrate towards pleasure.

In this episode we talk about how to learn to recalibrate towards pleasure – choosing to move together towards more pleasure, more joy and more love – without shying away from the hard stuff in life. When we show up more fully for pleasure we can also show up more fully for the rest of what life throws at us.

Podcast shownotes and transcript here: https://www.pleasuremechanics.com/recalibrate-towards-pleasure/

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