Feeling disconnected from your partner, and maybe even from yourself? Here is a powerful framework from an award winning couples therapist to help you cultivate more moments of micropleasures into your daily life and loving relationships. Micropleasures are those experiences that bring you pleasure, joy and connection in 60 seconds or less.

The 60 Second Pleasure Point framework was originally developed by Peter Fraenkel PhD, an award winning couples therapist.

Couples therapists often use this exercise with partners who are on the brink of divorce, in sexless marriages, or struggling with intimacy. By committing to just 3 small acts of pleasure a day, couples are asked to form an “arc of connection” throughout the day. The cumulative results are profound, which is why this exercise has become a classic couples therapy practice.

Here at Pleasure Mechanics, we challenge us all to take on the 60 Second Pleasure Point framework as a way to first slow down and connect with our own pleasure – noticing at least three micropleasures every day – and then daring to share these pleasures with those we love. Small moments of joy and kindness can really add up to change your day, and your life.

Micropleasures can combine well with your understanding of Love Languages – click here for a podcast episode where we talk more about applying Love Languages to your erotic life.