Slow Down!

That’s some of the best sex advice we can give you. But of course – it is simple but not always easy.

Slowing down in the erotic realm is an essential step to have better sex and enjoy your authentic sexuality.

Our sex culture is FAST – fast hookups, fast arousal, fast intercourse, fast orgasms. We all rush through life in general, and sadly this includes rushing through sex.

Rushing into sex, rushing through sex, refusing to slow down and enjoy the sexual encounter: these are all outcomes of our culture of sexual scarcity, shame and fear. Sometimes we rush through sex as if we are committing a crime and need to flee as soon as possible. Sometimes we rush as if we are children masturbating in secret, afraid of getting caught. Sometimes we rush so we don’t have to feel all of our feelings. Sometimes we rush just to get it over with, cause the sex isn’t that great anyway.

We can do better.

In this episode, we talk about all the different levels of slowing down sex – from seducing your partner to how you touch their entire body – and how slowing down creates the opportunity to not only feel way more pleasure, but also clear some of the anxiety and shame that burdens you.

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